Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Today is Christmas day, I have wrapped up all parties on the 24th, so i am enjoying my quietness today alone at home with my sweet coffee.

I havent been writing since 2012. or since we all have the app called Instagram to be exact. Picture does represent a thousand words.

I do miss writing :). i am not actually a very good writer. i am a moody writer. I could only write when i am on the mood of writing.

I did write a lot when i was in college. and i stupidly wrote it all in multiply. didnt even store anything on document files. now it alllll gonnneeeee....

Usually we all do 2 things to welcome a new year.

1. review the previous year
2. planning the new year.

today i am in the mood to write for my new year. and a lil bit of what i feel on 2015

I have so much plan to do in my head. but i havent write it down in a blueprint. it is hard ey... to write your head on a paper.

this year is the very first year, i feel very much at rest... its like.. one of the most remarkable year . i feel so much at ease and peace about myself and my life. and I think i have become the person I always wanted to become. i am loved. I am very blessed.

i dont know whats gonna happen on 2016. He says that 2016 is the year of restoration. but i will not bombarded my faith anymore like i used to do. coz i am very easy to loose my faith everytime people has mean comments to me. so i better shut up and enjoy my life.

This blog will be a private blog... i will have to consistently do another blog for my boncinno children wear brand

i literally have no idea on what to write on the blog.

so ... :)

Merry Christmas

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I louvre Jcrew style

I am loving J Crew... I WOULD LOVE TO WEAR ALLLLLLLL of itttt!!!!! AMAIZING!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tibi Love

I am so in love with this NY brand.. and the story on how they started is just very inspiring.. Me love TIBI.. I would love to wear it everyday.. :):) monday - Sunday. I will have something to wear from it.

I seriously considering of goin on apparel business once im done with my work in financial industry.. I can't do it both at the same time.. Ive done it and it doesnt work out .. haha.. i need to gather a lot a lot of money to build my own brand mother says that I am very idealistic.. I dont really want to sell any clothes which doesnt reflect me or my designs.. my mother says business doesnt work that way.. we must listen to customer and sell what they want to buy... its trueee... but .... i have to stick with my principalities to a certain degree somehow.. I cant follow what people say all the time.. I must follow where my heart and faith goes..

hauehaueahuae... if u know the story 'CHasing the donkey" from the bible .. i consider and encourage my self that I AM chasing the donkey.. hoorraayy...

here are some sketches from tibi... if u wanna check the brand.. check out

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Theres so many works of art that i Love.. I dont know much about art denomination haha. I'm an art appreciator, my photographer friend told me that my taste is 'fine art'. I dont like all paintings. only certain paintings i love. and i think most painting i love consists of bright colors combination.

I used to like 'dark' art.. Most indonesian artists are 'dark' artists.. their artwork consist of color black, grey, white, brown etc.. but now. I dont really fancy them and I dont fancy independent movie anymore. I used to 'crave' to watch more independent movie and appreciate it so much. May be working life makes my brain and my mind needs a more 'comforting, exciting, funny' movie than some 'sorrow, meaningful, need to think' independent films. haha.

anyway... I have kept this pictures for quite long time. i forgot where i got the pics. So sorry if you own the pic. I love it . check it out yo!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

When I was young, my dream is more than just to be a designer. but to be a costume designer. As I get older, If I stay in Jakarta, i'd rather be a fashion business owner or a fashion designer. And my dream for now is to marry a billionaire. ahahaha..

and somehow. This beautiful lady had it all... -_-'.... Mrs Georgina Chapman

here I show u her picture and creation. awesome talented lady! she deserves it!!!

Karen Craig, model and Georgina Chapman

All black

I never feel confident wearing "ALL BLACK" from top to bottom. but somehow... these girls hit it all right!

Courtesy pictures taken from

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oscar Dresses

I know its a little bit too late to talk about oscar 2011 dresses but these are the 2 most fave oscar dresses 2011. I am abselutely amazed with awe on Elli Saab's and Givenchy's creativity to create such wonderful dress from a very 'typical' fabric and material. It's amazing.

Wish I can create such beautiful work of art like this. Its an epic.
Check out the full of Givenchy's and Elli Saab's couture collection at